Jessica offers compassionate, integrative counseling services for children, teens, and adults.  

Her emphasis is on helping individuals feel a deepened sense of self, competency, and vitality.

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Kids and Teens

Being a kid isn't always easy.  Sometimes medical, social, environmental, academic, family, sensory, or developmental issues can create stress and make kids feel unsettled, sad, isolated, or overwhelmed.  As a result, kids may withdraw, feel frustrated, act out, or just not seem like themselves.    

Counseling can help kids work through thoughts, feelings, and worries in a safe, comfortable space.  It can help them develop self-awareness, resilience, and skills for navigating their worlds.  Counseling can help kids rediscover what makes them feel happy, hopeful, and proud.  It can also help them cultivate a sense of connectedness, confidence, and ease.





With the myriad responsibilities of adult life, it's easy to lose touch with a sense of self, purpose, and energy.  Counseling offers an opportunity to decompress, process, and develop tools for managing stress and living fully and well.

Counseling can help adults: 

  • Balance self-care, individuality, and the care of others
  • Navigate career, lifestyle, and/or relationship changes
  • Cultivate creativity, vision, and a personal voice
  • Find meaning, perspective, and resolution with challenging personal histories

For parents of children with medical, developmental, or behavioral diagnoses, counseling can offer respite, encouragement, connection, and support. 

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