About Art Therapy

Art therapy is a distinct therapeutic field that uses thoughtfully chosen creative processes to address a range of mental health concerns.  Art therapy can be a non-threatening way for people to work through thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be difficult to express otherwise.  

Research and advances in neuroimaging are showing that art therapy can be a powerful way to help people work through life transitions, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, developmental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, sensory processing difficulties, chronic medical conditions, and much more.  Art therapy benefits can range from reducing the body's stress response to stimulating neural pathways to helping individuals rediscover confidence and inspiration.  The applications of art therapy continue to expand, now in hospitals, veterans' centers, recovery facilities, clinics, and schools throughout the world.  

To safely and effectively provide this range of services, Art Therapists have specialized graduate degrees in art therapy, extensive supervised clinical field work in art therapy, and a credential issued by the national Art Therapy Credentials Board.  

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Art Therapy Services

Jessica offers art therapy for children, teens, and adults.   Art therapy can be used on its own or in combination with counseling services.  Jessica is a Registered Art Therapist through the national Art Therapy Credentials Board and has completed the graduate level education and clinical field work requirements of the American Art Therapy Association.  She has trained with some of the leading pioneers and experts in the field, including Camille Smith, MA, ATR-BC and Drs. Pat Allen, Cathy Malchiodi, and Bruce Moon.  She stays abreast of the latest research in art therapy and translates it into a therapeutic process that feels safe, accessible, and tailored to each individual's needs.

Art Therapy in Action: Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Among the many applications of art therapy is the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Researchers are finding that art therapy can be an effective approach for supporting children with Autism Spectrum diagnoses.  Specially trained art therapists can use art media to help children build sensory integration, communication, social skills, flexible thinking, and executive functioning, in a format that fosters relaxation, enjoyment, and self-confidence

Jessica brings passion, sensitivity, and experience to her work with children with autism spectrum diagnoses.  She completed her Master's thesis on art therapy with children on the autism spectrum, has worked with children who have autism in mainstream and special day classes, and was a Specialist for Camp Expedition, an inclusive summer camp program through the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center, for many years.